10 Unforgettable Celebrity Diets Through the Years

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In the first place, Beyoncé’s vegetarian test is recently the start. From Madonna’s macrobiotic eating regimen to Marilyn’s irregular liberality. Look at a portion of the most out of control eating styles of Hollywood starlets over a wide span of time.


While Sasha Fierce has as of late given herself, and her web-based social networking, to a veggie lover way of life, Beyoncé is likewise celebrated for finishing the Master Cleanse, an all-fluid eating routine of cayenne lemon water, to get ready for her part in the 2006 film Dreamgirls. Amid that time, Beyoncé permitted herself a cheat day to enjoy pizza and wine.

Marilyn Monroe

Eggnog for breakfast? Miss Marilyn Monroe herself would begin her day with two crude eggs whipped in a warm drain. Selecting to skip lunch, the popular culture symbol would then expand seared liver, steak, or sheep and five carrots for supper, completed with a wanton hot-fudge sundae dessert.

Elizabeth Taylor

She might be the most lovely lady on the planet. However, a kid did she eat some insane mixtures. Elizabeth Taylor swung to her own, suppose, exceptional formulas to shed a few pounds, similar to cards with sharp cream over organic product, a shelled nut butter–smothered steak sandwich, and a “controlled pig-out,” where she once ate an entire pizza and hot-fudge sundae.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar took after an extraordinary seven-day arrange confining most nourishments aside from cabbage soup. For this flat, low-calorie snappy settle, Gellar ate the first cabbage soup formula and then again included vegetables, natural product, drain, and yogurt, consolidating incline meat and chestnut rice before the week’s over.

Kate Middleton

Also, Kate Middleton took a sign from the French and thinned down for the Royal Wedding with The Dukan Diet. After an underlying kick begin of straight protein and vegetables, the regimen is broken into three stages that get less strict step by step, with varieties relying upon what number of pounds you’re attempting to shed.

Lady Gaga

Did Lady Gaga purée her pounds away? The artist is supposed to have attempted Tracy Anderson’s child sustenance eat fewer carbs, an arrangement that replaces your initial two suppers of the day with Gerber’s infant nourishment, trailed by a wellbeing cognizant supper. While she has yet to fess up, different celebs have likewise been connected to the eating regimen, including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Nobody can do it like Madonna. All things considered, we’re not certain on the off chance that anybody can. Madonna has taken after the to a great degree strict and thorough macrobiotic eating regimen. Which disposes of all wheat, eggs, meats, and dairy. What’s cleared out? The eating routine energizes the utilization of “ocean vegetables.” Being a Material Girl truly comes at a cost.

Megan Fox

With a specific end goal to flush out water weight and purify her framework, Megan Fox tosses back shots of apple juice vinegar. Yum, isn’t that so? In addition, the performer has additionally been known to rehearse a program in view of the book The 5-Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak, which comprises of making five-fixing suppers in under five minutes.

Victoria Beckham

Rich Spice just might be the ideal pH. Victoria Beckham raves about the antacid eating regimen, a dinner arrange went for keeping your body’s pH in the vicinity of 7.35 and 7.45. Basically, to be basic well disposed you to take after an 80/20 run of more vegetables and fewer grains and proteins. However, to really know your pH adjust you should finish a pee test.

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