The 10th Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Going To Be Spectacular

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The first half of season 7 has not been very good for The Walking Dead. Each long-running show is permitted its occasional bad stretch. Andrew Lincoln has guaranteed us a return to shape in the other half. A couple of mysterious pictures have even got some Walking Dead fans excited.

What we shouldn’t expect is Negan’s death in the second half. He will be around for numerous seasons. According to the trailer and some interviews, the second half of season seven will for the most part be about coalition building. Rick will attempt to team up against Negan. We may likewise observe some energizing improvements with Carol in the other half.

Be that as it may, not only season seven looks so exciting. Robert Kirkman issued the novel, Issue #163, and it forecasts a very exciting future for the TV series, also.

We don’t know how long The Walking Dead will last. However, 10 seasons are virtual guarantee. Season 8 will focus more on the war between Rick’s group and Negan’s Saviors. Besides that, season 8 and season 9 will most likely cover The Whisperers. Kirkman has said that the Whisperers won’t arrive at any point in the near future. But, the TV series may have been teasing the villains earlier in the show’s run.

The TV series covers around 15-17 issues of the graphic novel per season, which implies that we’ll be at Issue #163 around season 10. Here is the poster of that issue.

For those who don’t know how the characters from the comics look like, this is Rick Grimes holding Lucille and wearing Negan’s coat and the title is “Conquered”.

It’s a variation cover. Issue #163 has a few covers, so this one could simply be a goof, yet in view of the storyline in #163, the cover is fitting. The title “Conquered”  also appears to propose Negan may face his death. That is such a shame because Negan is not such an awful person in the comics anymore.

But, none of this may work out as expected in the TV series. The show may kill off Negan sooner to both give the greatest effect to the finish of the primary Negan arc and to free Jeffrey Dean Morgan from his agreement. But on the other hand it’s exceptionally conceivable that Negan could be around another three or four seasons, or more. As a The Walking Dead fan, I am eager to perceive how they handle Negan’s evolution. It’s difficult to envision the TV character regularly being recovered subsequent after murdering both Glenn and Abraham and tormenting Daryl. He is terrible right now and appears past redemption.

There is evidence that season 7 debut’s Lucille’ing was not really The Walking Dead’s peak. There are still exciting storylines yet to come and perhaps this may be the perfect closure five or six years in the future.

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