5 Times Abby Proved to Be the Heart of ‘NCIS’

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Abby Sciuto has provided a happy yet edgy feel to NCIS since she made her first appearance it in the CBS show’s premiere season back in 2003. She has been in all single episode of the show and didn’t waste time becoming an audience favorite. From her heart-to-heart moments with Leroy Jethro Gibbs (actor Mark Harmon) to having her own scenes that make us laugh or cry, Abby has proved that she is the heart of NCIS on many occasions.

The Times Abby and Gibbs Showed They Are #WorkRelationshipGoals

Gibbs has a soft spot for Abby more than any other NCIS agent as they have shown their father/daughter relationship during the series. Gibbs has no problem showing his love and respect for Abby when he makes sure he takes her out for her birthday every year.

And the time he used sign language to tell her he loves her was a time that led to “awws” around the nation. Their work relationship is what brings a new level of emotion to the series.

Only Abby Would Get Caught In a Situation Like This

It’s easy to think that Abby is perfect and has no flaws while she walks around in a bubble filled with rainbows and smiles. But that’s not always the case. Still, her imperfection is what brings heart and soul to NCIS. Whether it’s intentional or not, her NCIS family never hesitates to come to her side and help her as she consistently does with them.

In a recent episode, Abby was framed and caught with a bomb right at the headquarters. Of course, she tried to make the moment a lighthearted one as she proclaims the keyword “Aristotle Banana” in hopes of getting help from Homeland Security to prove that she wasn’t the terrorist she had been pretending to be.

Abby Surprised Us When She Rocked a Famous Outfit

From her pigtails to her chokers and tattoos, Abby’s fashion alone will make anyone at NCIS do a double-take and want to find out more about her. Despite her rocky childhood, she expresses herself freely from her wardrobe to wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Her clothing pretty much stays in line with her personality, but we definitely didn’t see it coming when she channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe and wore the infamous windy dress of the late star when trying to get attention from her coworkers. She was pretty much MIA for the rest of the episode but she definitely made an unforgettable appearance. Her carefree demeanor adds a flair and charisma that the show would definitely be missing without her.

She Gave Tony a Heartfelt Goodbye

The NCIS crew is like one big family to Abby. She will almost suffer an emotional breakdown if any of them are at risk or even having a bad day.

When Anthony DiNozzo was saying goodbye to the tv show, it was Abby who made him feel great about his ending with Ziva who was killed in an attack, and request that Ziva was completely aware of Tony’s love for her? Times like this show they are not the only family to Abby. But also, Abby is family to her company as well.

“I’m Hugging You All in my Mind”

Abby’s unique and funny moments are what have helped build NCIS into what it is today. Fans might remember the episode when she asked whether she was sexually harassing her coworkers after an intensive seminar. She really wondered whether she went too far when she hugged them each time she saw them. Her fellow teammates tried to let her know she never went too far. But the thought that she would never want to disrespect her coworkers was so cute. So she told them, “I’m hugging you all in my mind right now.”

What are your favorite Abby moments? Who’s your favorite character on NCIS?

NCIS season 14 airs on CBS Tuesdays at 8/7c. 

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