American Horror Story Roanoke: Lana Winters Updates

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Believe it or not, there are only two episodes left of Roanoke’s real nightmare.

But this really does not matter because the real big things are still not revealed. Fans worldwide still have no idea what is really happening behind all this madness.

It is really harder and harder going through every episode and still having no clue about the real thing. We really cannot find a perfect match for the story. Is everything imagination? Fans constantly ask and get surprisingly strange answers. For example Taissa’s long waited comeback has not happened and what about Lana Winters? The same Lana back from Asylum?

Back on Halloween, Ryan Murphy announced proudly that Lana Winters from “Asylum” will be back to Roanoke. How is this even possible? There is not even one connection clue between these two seasons. From that day forward every living American Horror Story fan is waiting for Sarah Paulson’s 3rd persona this year.


According to some speculations, people believe that Lana will be presented to the show as writer. Back in season 2 she is well- known worldwide author. So why not to play this part again as interviewer? By interviewer I mean, interviewing Matt and Shelby about their horrible experience. Also it could be a possibility for her to give interview for the show due to known horrible circle of events. Or maybe the show will be based on her book about Roanoke?
There are many present facts which support these theories but there is no confirmation.

At this point all we have to do is waiting, a couple more hours for Chapter 9 and next week for the big blowout.

Do not forget to turn your TV tonight on FX, the new American Horror Story Chapter starts at 10PM EST.

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