American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy Just Spilled all of his Secrets

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People consider Ryan Murphy as genius and quite silent when it comes to his mega- hit American Horror Story. He rarely reveals something about his franchise and people die and fight in comments and articles.  His puzzles and lost pieces usually relate for the right direction.

After months of torture about the whole mess for the theme for American Horror Story season 6 he felt sorry for his fans and gave all his secrets away. Well, not all of them but few important and interesting ones.

Ryan tells fans all over the world that Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock will appear in  American Horror Story: Roanoke. He tells also to every fan around the world that no one is safe in the house. This leads to warning that fans need to be prepared for everything that follows. “Everything will be revealed, you just need a little more patience” – says Ryan.

For the next information we do not need words, just take a look at the picture:


This year, Murphy and FX chose to cut the request of the scenes to 10 and, particularly, dispatch the show directly after Labor Day, so that at this point, pre-Halloween, in the run, everything would practically completed and super bingeable.

This season, Lady Gaga’s character is named Scatcach and represents powerful ancient witch. Ryan confirms that this is the original supreme and that they will return to the storyline of Coven in a future iteration. He said that he also plans to do even a crossover for Murder House and Coven together, that it would not be the next season. So he plans to have like 20 seasons or more? Fine for me.


For American Horror Story: Roanoke he says that this is the most realistic season ever. “The end will be very intense and difficult for the public but I think that they are going to like it. Whatever the American Horror Story bend is this season. The season’s capacity to keep fans on their toes is fiercely amazing. Practically as great as the many severe ways it murders off its characters.


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