‘Arrow’: Black Canary or Imagination?

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Argue, if you will, that “everybody knew!” how Arrow was returning original cast character, Katie Cassidy, as seen at the close of the wintertime finale. The point remains that the promo-video for the CW drama’s midseason return (airing Wednesday, Jan. 25) exhibit a bit too much to Joe Viewer about how specifically it is that Oliver is seeing extremely departed Laurel Lance alive in the Arrowcave.

Because make no confusion, Arrow‘s showrunners — who, as with the bosses of most TV series, have no hand in producing promos — would have preferred that big secret to having been kept a few weeks longer.

Following the presentation at the TCA wintertime journalists tour.  Arrow co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim was invited to answer about the aforementioned overshare. “Without commenting on the promo video, which I have nothing to do with…,” he diplomatically replies, “ without talking on the spoiler, I would say that the scene is finishing with playing a very special seed. Also with a very specific plan for a game on our part that we hope to see come to success.”

Whatever the condition of Laurel’s seeming transformation, seeing her familiar face back in the Arrowcave. That has to support talk that a Black Canary will be returning to Green Arrow’s crimefighting side.

Also, he was asked if a Canary might suit up as soon as by Season 5’s end. And co-showrunner Wendy Mericle replies, “There’s clearly a probability.”

The EP went on to record, “Look, it’s hard to do a tv show about Green Arrow. And also without having a Black Canary there. I don’t know if it will happen this season or when, but… we are going to be true to origins in the DC universe, and she is forever going to be there.”

So, are you ready for watching Team Arrow to again have our favorite ‘Black Canary’?

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