Confusing Walking Dead Video: Is This Negan’s Third Victim?

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After the first episode of season 7, fans of The Walking Dead can peacefully sleep at night because they now know which people were executed by Negan. At least they thought that they could until now. Around the internet there are now released few new footages which indicate new victim to Negan’s bat Lucille.


If you haven’t seen the finale I warn you to press the X button.

3 people suffered in this episode. We know that Negan killed Abraham first and Glenn next and when it comes to Daryl on the other hand, he fumed on Negan and Negat took him away. But, now the video which surfaced on the internet, I must say that is actually recorded video of another video, shows different kind turn of events. In this video which is considered as an alternative version, Maggie is involved.

We learned about the death of these people through Rick’s dreams.

He had pieces of everybody getting hit by the bat once likely records for the gossipy tidbits that The Walking Dead taped footage of the majority of the prisoners being slaughtered. I don’t think they all got full, Glenn-length demise scenes, even to throw off fans and set spies; shooting 11 scenes would be a mind boggling measure of time and cash, particularly with the enhancements of smashed skulls and free eyeballs and such.

When it comes to this video which is extremely popular, there in it is the “vision” Rick had of Maggie getting hit.

This shot of her rising her head up in the wake of being hit by the bat, while circulation systems down over her face, especially makes me think about whether this was taped as a potential interchange passing. Obviously, there are a lot of peculiarities with the video: The altering of the footage is extremely odd, there’s that unusual dark bar amidst the screen demonstrating the footage, and there’s dependably the potential somebody with a huge amount of time staring them in the face is looking to intricately troll the web. At any rate, I’m not persuaded it isn’t genuine.

What implies for the main piece of the debut, when it resembled the show was going to skirt a third-individual perspective of the beating, I thought Maggie would have been the casualty. While the murder of a pregnant lady would be severe, it appeared as though TWD was going to do it in the best/slightest most noticeably bad conceivable way—a way that would have legitimized the cliffhanger. She is pregnant, however having one infant on the arrangement is as of now a story deplete; two would be exceptionally troublesome. Or perhaps Laurie Cohan needs out. So in the season six finale, they exhibit her as being extremely debilitated, likely going to prematurely deliver and bite the dust in any case, so that her inevitable murder by Negan feels less traumatic.

The season seven debut skirted a third-individual perspective of the murder—as it appeared as though it was going to do there for some time—The Walking Dead could have done killed something astonishing, which I mean in a totally nonpartisan manner. It could have killed a pregnant female character, demonstrating the demise scene and minimizing the out roar. This video demonstrates the show truly was going to graphically pound the life out of a pregnant lady on-screen, which would have been accepted pretty badly by the public eye.

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