Emilia Clarke Said Something That Will SHOCK YOU

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Emilia Clarke is a hard-working actor. Beyond Game of Thrones, she has two movies coming out this year — Voice from the Stone and Above Suspicion, the latter of which features Clarke doing a Kentucky accent. “Breaking up ‘Game of Thrones’ with these kinds of movies makes me happy,”. “If you go off and do something that’s especially fulfilling, something that pushes you by asking the more basic questions about character and being human, it only enriches your doing when you then go back and do the bigger stuff like ‘Game of Thrones.’”

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Speaking of GoT, Clarke is staying mother about the upcoming seventh season, but she gave an opinion of what she and her castmates know about season 8…or rather, what they don’t know.

No one knows anything. No one is told anything. It’s all crazy. It’s a secret from the cast. We generally can’t be trusted. They pretty much have told us so.

With the tv show now well beyond George R.R. Martin’s books and planning to film its final year, the producers must be more nervous than ever about passing the story’s mysteries. Having been on the tv show from the start, Clarke is apparently used to the gag orders, which is coming in helpful now that she’s been cast in an unnamed role in the as-yet-untitled Han Solo standalone film, due out in 2018. “It’s even scarier talking about that than Game of Thrones,” she said. HBO has nothing on Disney.

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Beyond that, Clarke is thinking about what she’ll do after Thrones is over. She’s an actor, but as it ends up, what she really wants to do is produce. “I read a lot, and I tend to read with an eye toward would this be exciting to watch?” 

 However, she is now an actress that is thought of very seriously as a producer and a real presence in creating characters for women. I would like to do something like that.

“No one knows anything” about Game of Thrones season 8

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