‘The Flash’ Gets a New Suit in Season 4

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A superhero like The Flash may not be defined by his outfit… but he is still expected for a new suit comes Season 4. With the season finale ending the hero’s career, there wasn’t a fan that was fooled into thinking The CW was actually sending The Flash to Speed Force Heaven. We now know that the fourth season will begin without its star, but it is only a matter of time until a new kind of Barry Allen returns to reclaim his title as Central City’s guardian angel.

While it’s true that most superhero fans are always eager for a new uniform, updated designs, or simply a fresher look, this latest twist in The Flash is a far more logical time for a costume re-design than, say, Arrow‘s revolving door of updated (and returned) looks. No, Barry Allen will most surely be changed by his experiences in the Speed Force, and if the showrunners intend to use that time the same way DC Comics writers famously have, then a brand new Flash will need a brand new suit to match… but have fans already seen it for themselves?

First things first: no, we are not leading to the problematic, more saturated version of The Flash suit seen during Barry’s first trip back to his mother’s death (he already became that alternate Flash with his most recent uniform). But his glimpse of that doppelganger the first time around did give Cisco the idea of using white in The Flash’s insignia, and if that’s going to prove to be a running joke – the heroes messing with time and altering their costume soon after – then fans should dismiss the episode in which Barry Allen saw his “future” Flash suit in full.

We are speaking of the suit worn by Barry in the year 2024, in the timeline after Savitar succeeded in killing Iris West, splitting Barry and his friends apart. That suit added a more rigid look and feel than Barry’s present day suit, along with metallic gold accents around the forearms and waist. To the comic book fans, it was one step closer to the comics book source stuff, since the lightning belt and forearms bolts are needs these days. There is just one problem: The Flash suit should no longer ever exist.

Remember, this design was completed after Iris West’s death, in a future that will no longer take place. So, will Barry make these same changes to his current uniform to more exactly resemble this tormented other version? That just seems a bit unusual. The suit itself also gives the idea of more of a throwback, Earth-2-esque design than the “streamlined” or “higher quality” suit that fans are likely hoping to see.

But if Barry’s Speed Force transformation actually is going to follow the comics it appears to be based on, he might not need a new suit made for him, at all…

So, what do you think about this? Is there another version of The Flash’s comic book costume the producers should look to for motivation? Or do you only care about getting Barry back, and less about the way he looks upon his return?

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