‘The Flash’ Season 4 Villain Confirmed

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The Flash Season 3 was peppered with several references to someone named “DeVoe,” and now we are going to meet the man they were talking about, as Clifford DeVoe, a.k.a. The Thinker has been confirmed as the villain of The Flash Season 4.

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The character, who has technology that gives him telekinesis and mind control, originally performed in DC’s Flash comics all the way back in 1943, where he faced the Jay Garrick Flash. Later comic book events involved him communicating with the Suicide Squad.

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The Season 3 Flash finale “Finish Line” mentions that a cerebral inhibitor was employed to work and stop DeVoe, though “that hasn’t happened yet.”

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TV Line revealed the news in the beginning of this week. The Flash Season 4 premieres this Fall on The CW, where the show will remain on Tuesday nights.

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