‘The Flash’: Will Season 4 Have a ‘Rebirth’?

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Our favorite tv show – The Flash might be adapting extra famous comic book arc in season 4.

Over the weekend, a tweet from The Flash production managers that’s since been deleted — really, the entire account seems to now be missing in action — appeared to show the season premiere title: “The Flash Reborn.” But it’s not the correct title, “Reborn” seems to be a nod to the 2009 six-issue limited series The Flash: Rebirth, which was written by Geoff Johns, an executive producer on the show and the Chief Creative Officer over at DC Comics, who also wrote Flashpoint, which the show adapted last season.

The last we saw of Barry in the tv show, he had won against Savitar, taking the God of Speed’s place in the Speed Force least a Speed Force storm destroys Central City. In the comics, Barry Allen’s version of The Flash had been missing from comic book pages for 23 years after the Scarlet Speedster lost himself during Crisis on Infinite Earths — a story that’s been greatly hinted at since the show’s pilot. With Barry gone in the comics, and as we know, it was up to Wally West to be the new Flash, much like Barry left Wally in the cost of protecting Central City in the season 3 finale.

When Barry Allen returned in Rebirth, he changed into speedster grim reaper Black Flash. On the tv show, Hunter Zolomon became the Black Flash in the season 2 finale but was finally killed on Savitar’s orders by Killer Frost in the season 3 finale. Hence, it would make sense that the Speed Force would need a new Black Flash to do its bidding if the tv show chose to go this way. However, Barry only became Black Flash because of Eobard Thawne, a.k.a Reverse-Flash/Professor Zoom, who used a negative Speed Force to actually turn Barry into a weapon against his family so he would once again die, but this time as a villain, not a victim.

So here’s why it may be doubtful that the tv show will take this exact way: The Flash managers previously revealed that the fourth season would not feature a speedster big bad. Preferably, the show has dropped two different hints that Clifford DeVoe, a.k.a. The Thinker will be the villain in season 4. Also, it’s unlikely the tv show would go on Reverse-Flash this soon — he plagued Barry in the first season of The Flash, then teamed up with the Legion of Doom to take on the Legends last season on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

However, there is a completely different Rebirth story the title could be referring to The current DC: Rebirth arc, which kicked off in 2016 following the end of The New 52 run. In these comics, Barry becomes the mentor to a whole new set of speedsters after a Speed Force storm — like the one in the season 3 finale! — causes an influx of lightning fast heroes and enemies.

Also, there is another speedster villain in the first run of DC: Rebirth, known as Godspeed, but The Flash has a knack for putting a twist on the comics, so essentially either of these Rebirth storylines could be viable. Or, you know, “Reborn” could be taken literally and the Scarlet Speedster will be somehow reborn and freed from the Speed Force next season and the story is not caused by either comic book. We should know more when The Flash cast and executive producers head to Comic-Con in some weeks.

The Flash returns Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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