The Flash’s Suicide Squad Cameo Officially Released

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One of the highlights of Suicide Squad for so many viewers was the introduction sequence, bringing the different members of the squad in prison, as arrested by two heroes:  The Flash and Batman. While Batman’s existence in the movie had been much publicized leading up to it, The Flash’s cameo was a relative shock . It was also there and gone in a blink? Oh, in a Flash!

So, now that cameo, offering up a full look at Ezra Miller in costume as role The Flash, has been released online as part of a featurette apparently about Digger Harkness  (Captain Boomerang). One of the Flash’s Rogues, if it is going to show how Boomerang get taken down. However, it had to be done by the Flash. The two halves of the scene were shot totally apart, with Miller’s shot in London on the set of Justice League . And Boomerang was filmed in Toronto on the Squad set.


Also, The Flash’s cameo was a surprise that Jai Courtney didn’t even know about anything of it. Until he saw a cut of the movie.

“I didn’t know he was in the movie until I saw the movie! True!” Courtney told during an interview in New York. “It’s funny, because I look back on it and think, ‘ya f***in’ moron, of course, that is what was happening!’ But even shooting that scene, it did not occur to me. It wasn’t so prescriptive in the script. That was a little gem they were keeping, and rightly so, I understand why they’d want to protect that.”

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