‘Game of Thrones’: Will Sansa Stark Betray Jon Snow in Season 7?

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“She most likely might want to be Queen of the North all alone.”

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark rejoining in Season 6 of Game of Thrones was one of the best things to happen, if not in the entire of 2016 completely.

However, after, Sansa Stark went in the face of Jon’s good faith to enroll Petyr Baelish’s assistance with the Knights of the Vale acting as the hero amid the Battle of the Bastards.

At that point there’s Littlefinger’s pitch to Sansa toward the end of the season that he needs to sit on the Iron Throne with her. Notwithstanding the reality she stayed away from his kiss, they had an unsettling trade of looks as Jon Snow was proclaimed the King in the North.

Addressing The Wrap about Jon and Sansa’s relationship, Sophie Turner said: “I, for one as Sophie, think they would be a flawless kind of coordinated effort since he’s the military man and she’s the politician.

“Together they’re a significant solid group the length of they hear each out other, and that is their issue; they don’t exactly function admirably together yet. Yet, on paper it’s ideal.”

Well, she doesn’t think they work “yet”, however hold up, she had more to include: “From Sansa’s point of view, she truly feels like she might want the acknowledgment that she merits on the grounds that by the day’s end, she saved the day at the Battle of the Bastards.

“I think she presumably might want to be Queen of the North all alone, or again she likely simply needs Jon to hear her out, if Jon had listened to her in the first place then she would be exceptionally cheerful working together with him, so it’s slightly baffling.”

Could that disappointment and craving to be Queen of the North drive her into the vile arms of Petyr Baelish?


This hypothesis is given considerably more assurance with HBO’s own particular ridicule ‘Game of Thrones election’. They matched up various characters with their running mates, including Sansa and Littlefinger. GASP!

Amusingly, they additionally set Jon Snow and little Lady Mormont with each other – we believe she will propose partnering their homes with a marriage in this coming season. We’re calling it now. What’s more, it will be comical.


In much creepier news, Sophie Turner talked about the possibility of Jon Snow and Sansa Stark wedding – particularly as it’s presently been uncovered they’re not really related – amid a Comic-Con board.

Gratefully Sophie Turner abhorred the thought and the essayists hadn’t thought of it as. Phew. We’re not certain if we can deal with it.

Sophie Turner additionally talked about potential “reunions” and “unions” in Season 7 amid a similar meeting, travel along these lines to peruse what she said.

‘Game of Thrones’ seventh season is set to debut in summer of 2017.

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