Greg Nicotero Talks What’s Coming up Next on The Walking Dead

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Precisely about episode 10, new walkers and few clue things that will come after this episode.

When it comes to episode 10, Greg Nicotero was very exited and told the media some pretty interesting facts.

Episode 10 was coordinated by Jeff January. It has a walker character that we did that is most likely one of the coolest walkers that they’ve done in seven years.
There will be a lot more new interesting characters and another locale. Oceanside, Hilltop, Kingdom and Alexandria are getting new feature.


“That’s what’s great about the show” – says Greg. We’re populating our world with a lot of really unique locations and unique civilizations” – he continues.

So now we hope that these are heading off to all kind of merge together in one gathering. Yet, nothing ever goes down the way we need it to… So I guess some awesome stuff coming up.

They want to sort of remind the audience there are a lot of zombies out there. There are going to be some great emotional moments and also thrilling moments. But, sadly, couple of scares and some heartfelt moments are coming.

“There will be more information as you view it more than one time” – he says.

Everyone has an issue that remains to be worked out with Negan…. He says that how they’re going to express it, how they’re going to carry out their anger, whether it’s guilt or whether it’s they’re the ones left behind.

Right now everyone have different nuances. The greater part of the pieces were arranged in the main portion of the season for the majority of this to happen as expected in the following couple scenes.
He mentions the current Ezekiel situation. He simply thinks they all have their plans, and it’s unmistakable what they all need to do. They indeed will have a challenging situation to deal with in the event that they need to attempt to get Ezekiel on their side.

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