‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will April And Jackson Get Back Together? Is The Show Coming to its End?

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Grey’s Anatomy is right now in season 13, which is a long time any show to be on air. Be that as it may, is the end in sight for the Shonda Rhimes medical show?

“I would prefer not to consider ending Grey’s Anatomy” she said. “We are improving in season 13 and I feel that the show creatively is firing on all cylinders.” The ratings are great as long as fans are watching and Shonda is very excited.

So while Shonda has a not-yet-declared endgame, it sounds like Grey’s Anatomy could continue for a longer time.

The last season of Grey’s Anatomy was centered on the legal drama between Wilson, Karev and DeLuca and the love triangle between Meredith, Riggs, and Maggie. We can’t resist the urge to let our minds wander a little. We think we know precisely where we’re going: to the irrefutable love between April and Jackson. Throughout the show’s thirteenth season, the couple welcomed a baby girl, yet they appear to be really keen about proceeding with their divorce and dating. That may all change, however, in light of these new quotes from the performing artist who plays April – Sarah Drew.

In another brief talk with Entertainment Weekly, Drew teased about Jackson’s dad. We’re more inspired by the other little goody she dropped: Jackson and April are getting a lot of alone time. “There will be a Jackson and April scene, simply both of them,” she uncovered. “We’re managing a case and it’s quite recently both of us in Montana for the entire episode.”

It sounds like the ideal setting for a reviving, and Drew stayed bashful about what could occur in the episode.

“There’s a real turning moment that occurs for both of them… they’re compelled to be in a same space cooperating with no diversion outside of the standard, outside of anyone that they know, outside of any of the history.” As a last indication, Drew prodded, “It’s lovely. We’re truly pleased with the episode… it’s private and very grown-up.” We are very excited!

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