‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Will April and Jackson Rekindle Romance After Montana Trip?

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In episode 16, “Who Is He (and What Is He to You),” the couple will head to Montana to perform a complicated operation on a young patient.

The summary for “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13, episode 16 teases that Jackson and April will do their best to be professional, but fans of the couple could only hope this tour will have a profound influence on their relationship too.

Many see this as a chance for both of them to finally talk things through and figure out what to do with their relationship. Viewers and fans cannot help but think this tour could bring them closer together again.

After all, during this travel, Jackson also gets to eventually confront his long-lost father. While he did not tell April about his discovery right away as he feels it is no longer her right to know, his baby mama finally learns about it.

In fact, in a sneak peek for “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13, episode 16, April required on accompanying Jackson all the way to his father’s doorstep.

Jackson was not all for the purpose though and reminded April that this is not her business. After all, they are no longer married. The latter prove him otherwise, passing it off as being part of the job they need to do in Montana.

“Yeah, it is my business because we have a job to do and you are not here. And you are not going to be here until you say what you need to say so go say it. Then it will be over and we can get back to work,” April tells him in the “Grey’s Anatomy” season 13, episode 16 sneak peek.

Jackson is really a little preoccupied. Which makes him unfit to perform the operation, particularly with the complications that come with it.

While it looks that April is just doing all this to make sure they do their job right, it is believed that it is also her way of looking out for Jackson.

“Grey’s Anatomy” season 13, episode 16, “Who Is He (and What Is He to You),” airs Thursday, March 16, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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