Happy News About Kimye Fans! More KW is Coming To KUWTK!

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Another royal member is joining Keeping Up With The Kardashians as regular.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome your new regular cast Kanye West.
Kanye West is married with Kim for at least two years now. He kept his distance from the show apparently until now.

Way back in 2013, he reportedly refused to be a part of the show. His management then, told him that appearing on a reality show  will make him look cheap.

Reportedly, now everything is going to change.

Due to their recent marriage problems the “Famous” rapper is doing everything he can to make it work with Kim. He wants to prove her that he cares and loves her. That he indeed cares about her reputation and will start filming episodes for the show.

We all know how his behavior is difficult. Sometimes he drains her and she is searching other ways for him to please her. The show is quite important to her and he will support her through everything.

Recently Kim shared a couple of other memories including a gif from the holidays where she oozes serious attitude while flicking her hair in front of her grand Christmas tree. He and Kanye seem to be in perfect conditions and we hope the best for them.

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