HBO Revelead New Details About Its Fantasy Drama ‘Game of Thrones’

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HBO released the trailer for season 7 of ‘Game of Thrones’ which will premiere in July. Now, fans are more than ready for the show to return to HBO. If you still haven’t watched it, you can watch it below. Right after the trailer was released, it was confirmed that season 8 will have just 6 episodes.

Although seasons from 1 do 6 had 10 episodes, the seventh season will have seven.

Also, right after the trailer was released, it was confirmed that season 8 will have just 6 episodes. Rumor has it that they don’t have enough budget to do 10 episodes per season.

After HBO programming president Casey Bloys mislead the fans of the series with many rumors, the network, at last, gave up and announced the bad news

According to some reports, fans don’t need to feel relinquished as HBO immediately started working on different spinoffs of the fantasy drama.

Creator George R.R. Martin, whose series of books the show is based on, announced that instead of four, they now have five pilot scripts. It remains unknown how many series will come out of this. We’ll have to sit tight and wait for the new series.

Just a few days ago, HBO released another trailer for the next season after a long wait of 11 months.

“The great war is here,” Jon Snow says beyond all doubt at the end of the trailer.

You can also hear Queen Cersei Lannister saying: “Enemies to the East, enemies to the West, enemies to the South, enemies to the North. Whatever stands in our way, we will defeat it”.

You can see a lot of walking warriors beating an unfaltering rhythm as the video uncovers Lannister armies going towards the obscure in battle regalia.

“I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms … and I will,” a rebellious Daenerys Targaryen whispers in the middle of the scenes with dragons flying over the battlefields. This could be a hint that suggests her return from outcast.

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