Laverne Cox Responds Powerfully to Trump’s Anti-Trans Rollbacks

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In the beginning of this week, Trump and his company announced that they would be taking back some of the protections. That had been put in place by Obama through his security.

One of those protections involved the right to use the toilet they felt matched their gender identity. And not certainly the one that would be present on their birth cert.

This came as a large blow to the trans and LGBTQ society who had feared that Trump and his presidency would finally result in negative repercussions for them especially. Despite his constant assurances to the opposite throughout his campaign.

Last night, Laverne Cox – best known as Sophia on Orange Is The New Black – took her NBC news to voice her mind on the matter, having used her new found fame as a certain position to voice her support for the community.


Then, even Caitlyn Jenner, a staunch supporter of Trump, took to Twitter to tell her frustration in the President’s latest moves.



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