Movies That Will Hold Your Attention Right to the Very End

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When a movie provokes strong emotions and also produces a powerful adrenaline rush, then you know that you are watching a good movie. It does not mean that a movie should have blood, action or murders in order to keep you tense.

Here are 10 movies you will watch with wide eyes and open mouth:

1. “The Others”

Grace’s children have a strange disease. They can not stand the light of the sun. Therefore they move into a house where they live in darkness and await the return of their father from World War II.

2. “Shutter Island”

Two detectives investigate the disappearance of a woman who is a patient at a clinic for the mentally ill which is located on an island in Massachusetts. During the investigation they discover serious lies and unexpected facts.

3. “The Reaping”

The main character in this film has an unusual hobby – exposes myths. In an attempt to discredit the legend, it comes in a small town in Texas, where locals are religious fanatics. There are all sure that a girl is the cause of all their misfortunes.

4. “The Shining”

Jack Torrance arrives at the hotel with his wife and son to work as a guard. Torrance has never been at this hotel, but strange thoughts and memories constantly appear in his mind.

5. “Only Lovers Left Alive”

Adam and Eve are very old vampires who are trying to live in an idyllic atmosphere until the younger sister Eva, Ava, appears.

6. “Seven”

Seven days before his retirement, Detective William Somerset has two problems: the arrival of his younger partner Mills and the appearance of a very sophisticated killer in town.

7. “Carrie”

Kerry teenager was born with telekinetic capabilities, and her supernatural powers specifically and rapidly evolve under the pressure of her parents who are religious fanatics and her compeers.

8. “28 Days Later”

Deadly virus turns all the people into bloodthirsty zombies. Four weeks later, England has been gripped by terrible epidemic. Many people have been evacuated and others seeking shelter in uninhabited parts of the country to escape the nightmare.

9. “The Skeleton Key”

25-year-old Carolyn Ellis is a nurse who cares for an elderly grandfather, who owns a mansion in Louisiana. Soon, the young woman becomes a witness of strange events and trying to unravel the mysteries that this man is hiding from the world.

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