Murphy Goes Political For American Horror Story Season 7 Theme and Sets Premiere Date!

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Remember that sea trailer for American Horror Story season 7? We all know now for which storm the season will be about!


This is the best Valentine’s Day. Especially for those who are in love in American Horror Story.

Ryan Murphy is considered as a very secretive man but not so quite at the moment.

First, according to Ryan Murphy, the season 7 of American Horror Story will premiere Wednesday, 6th of September this year. Excellent news! 6 more months and we will be the happiest humans alive.
He also confirms that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will be the main two characters of season 7!
And as last and very important he discussed the theme of the upcoming season.

What it will be?

Ryan Murphy stated that the 7th season of American Horror Story will have political theme and to be more specific he clarified that it will be a very current political problem.

Also, he adds that this season will be very scary, even more scarier than all previous of seasons.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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