Nina Dobrev Caused Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry Split? Ian Somerhalder’s Ex Spending More Time With Paul Wesley For New ‘TVD’ Spinoff?

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Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom dating news have been reporting these past few days! And that is after the actress was found with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor in an event. Now, new stories are claiming something interesting. The ex-girlfriend of Ian Somerhalder could probably be the main reason why Katy Perry and the “Kingdom of Heaven” actor chose to break up.

Considerations have it that Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom attended the Coachella 2017 wherein they visited the Neon Carnival. According to papers, the ex-boyfriend of Katy Perry was with close friend Leonardo DiCaprio at that time.

However, eyewitnesses have claimed that Orlando Bloom was seen flirting with other girls including Nina Dobrev. Which sparked speculations that the two are currently seeing each other. Because of this, there have been reports also stating that the previous girlfriend of Ian Somerhalder, is the central reason why the “Troy” actor and Katy Perry split.

Some fans submit that this could not be the real time! The real time that Orlando Bloom and Nina Dobrev have spent time together. There are even stories stating that Katy Perry has decided to drop the “Elizabethtown” actor after learning that he is cheating on her.


However, Entertainment Tonight has previously made it obvious that Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom are not dating at all. As matter of fact, the ex-loved one of Ian Somerhalder and Katy Perry’s previous lover did not spend much time with each other as they brought with them their own company

“Nina and Orlando are just friends,” an unnamed insider has informed about Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom. “They have the same manager and have known each other for a very very long time. There is nothing passionate going on between them two,” the same source told us.

Meantime, Poor Primadonna has earlier shared that Nina Dobrev will soon be spending more time with rumored boyfriend Paul Wesley. They are reportedly performing in “The Originals” Season 4 and in a brand-new “The Vampire Diaries” spinoff. Orlando Bloom is still enjoying his life following his split from Katy Perry in February this year.

While these stories could probably be true, it should be remarked that neither Nina Dobrev nor Paul Wesley has confirmed anything as of yet.

Therefore, fans should take everything with a bit of salt until it has been proven real and correct. Stay tuned to Tv Series Lover for more news and updates about Nina Dobrev and The Vampire Diaries!

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