‘Once Upon a Time’: Regina Dies at the End of Season?

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The Evil Queen  (Regina Mills) doesn’t remain strong and right now both remain divided. After this happened, the Evil Queen plots plans for everybody in the small town of Storybrooke. Also, she doesn’t do that alone but she has a partner in her crime, known as Mr. Hyde. They have a plan to steal the serum just to separated people into good and bad.

Lana Parilla (Regina Mills) talked about role shifting. She is trying to track the part of her both characters before blending into the role of Evil Queen and Regina. Although the Evil Queen is apparently not to good, so she remains to be a big part of her other character Regina.

However, Lana believes that she is in the top ten female roles on our TV at the moment and she enjoys doing it as well. Right now, what the serum has done to her magic is something that Regina is dealing with . Sooner or later, the fans will see what it does to her magic in the episodes that are coming.

Regina and Evil Queen faced each other early in the season. Although we all know that the Evil Queen brings in to much chaos in everyone’s lives, it is great to have her back. A lot of gossip sites have information that Regina will die at the end of this new season. Rumplestiltskin is the one that always said the magic comes with a price and no one but Regina knows that better. During the seasons, the plot covers the part of Hyde’s and Dr. Jekyll’s story. But in the same time, the plan how to kill the Evil Queen was also divulge.

Regina has one of the most main and important stories in this season.

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