‘Prison Break’ Spoilers: 5 Things You Need to Know For Season 5

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The (potentially) last season of Prison Break is a couple of months away now, so what do we think about Michael Scofield’s most recent criminal adventures?

We’ve inquired about everything there is to think about the restored Fox drama to present you all of the spoilers, since we know you can hardly wait that long. Do not read if you prefer not to know…

1. Michael is alive and in jail (once more)

There can’t be Prison Break without a prison break. The end of the past season gave the idea that Michael had passed away, however that is not true! He’s back and stuck in an unfortunate situation once more. This time, it’s his older brother Lincoln who will act as the hero. Also, it looks really grim in the Yemen prison.

2. Michael has been working for a shady association

Rather than being dead and all that, Michael has really been working for an ISIS-style terrorist organisation. “He’s been dependent upon some not really pleasant things and there’s a question whether he’s even met all requirements to be viewed as a decent man,” Wentworth Miller has said in regards to the TV show. “Has he went too far in a way that he can never return? That is at the heart of the story we’re as of now telling.”

Dominic Purcell included: “Essentially, the administration in Yemen had caved in, it was in total bedlam and turmoil, and the entryways were open so all the prisoners were discharged. Also, I’m running to attempt to get past and find Michael, and I can’t.”

3. Some characters will return

To help him in breaking out Michael, Lincoln has turned to some dependable Fox River escapees Sucre and C-Note.

In the meantime, T-Bag  is also back, while we will likewise see the comeback of hitman-turned-politician Kellerman.

Sarah Wayne-Callies is additionally back as Michael’s previous spouse and mother of his daughter Sara.

4. It is approximately based on Homer’s Odyssey

Sara will be at the focal point of the story, which is said to be motivated by the Greek poem The Odyssey.

Having comparable subjects, it will concentrate on a man returning to life and attempting to find his way back home to be with his significant other and the child he doesn’t know yet.

5. Lincoln is in danger

It’s not as straightforward as simply breaking Michael out of prison. Thus, he demonstrates that his brother is alive, and in this manner individuals associated with the organisation will need their mystery plan kept mystery.

Storyboards discharged by Entertainment Weekly show Lincoln being pursued (while driving a Tesla!), so expect a lot of activity:


New scenes will dispatch on Fox in early 2017 – airing Thursdays at 9/8c.

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