Rob and Chyna Drama Continues: Worse Details Are Coming From This Couple

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Earlier this week, Chyna’s followers on Instagram were able to see some devastating news. Her Instagram was hacked and her relationship with Rob Kardashian went west.

Are they together? What is going on with their show? What are his sisters thinking about?
Their drama continues. Questions remain unanswered.

Let’s reverse how things happened. The hacker is currently unknown and posted 18 screenshots of different instant messages. Conversation between Chyna and lawyer Walter Mosley. Between her and performing artist Jaden Smith and companion Treasure had a consistent idea. Chyna says junk about life partner Rob Kardashian and his celebrated family in those messages. She calls Rob “lethargic,” “fat” and “unreliable” in one affirmed discussion.

In the remarks, fans blamed Chyna for being hard, ravenous and manipulative.

“I really believed she was in love with me the way that I was with her and I am so hurt and never felt this before. It’s different when you have a kid with someone”. – says Rob. But, he soon changes his mind and apologies to Chyna.

His sisters, according to few people close to the family, think that he did a so called “”fake apology” in order to calm things with her. It’s so unfortunate for their brother. They perceive how Chyna is utilizing their family for fame and cash. They wouldn’t give it a chance to happen any longer. The family acknowledged her yet since Chyna is currently demonstrating who she truly is, they don’t need anything to do with her.

But, when it comes to Rob and Chyna herself, people say that they already calmed their issues and are on good terms. While some say that they still are not on speaking terms and Chyna still lives on her own.

In case they really love each other they need to seek help for the sake of Dream.

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