Sadly, The End Has Come For The Walking Dead! Say Goodbye

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Goodbye is the word which you will use for The Walking Dead. The show mid- season is set to return on February 12 but not for long.

Major confrontations are coming for the end of season 7 and fans do not know which character will make it to season 8.
There is going to be season 8 but will the heat last for 9 and 10? Apparently no, as statistics say.

According to some, there is one show coming soon which is considered as “The Walking Dead” heir.

Justin Cronin’s post-whole-world destroying vampire story The Passage just stepped toward at long last getting a taped adjustment.

Fox has requested a pilot for a TV arrangement rendition from official maker Ridley Scott, who has been dealing with making Cronin’s set of three into no less than one film since 2007.

The Passage starts as a character-driven government intrigue thriller and transforms into a post-whole-world destroying adventure with vampires. The arrangement traverses over a century and spotlights on a young lady named Amy who must spare mankind.

The Passage is extremely goal-oriented material for a communicate organize — and rather dim and savage as well. An adjustment additionally would need to go astray the characters and story a bit to make the adventure truly work for long winded TV … yet veer off in keen, added substance ways.

The communicate arranges all broadly passed on making The Walking Dead. Because of touchiness about its in-your-face content. Be that as it may, they’ve additionally all took in some things from that point forward, so it will enthusiasm to perceive how this pilot turns out.

Could this truly be the finish of The Walking Dead period?

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