Scarlett Johansson Still Needs a Black Widow Marvel Film to Happen

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“If I did it, I would devote myself totally to making it stunning.”

Will a Black Widow movie ever happen?

Everybody is up for it – the fans, Marvel Studios manager Kevin Feige, Scarlett Johansson herself – however we’re no place nearer to witnessing it.

Try not to stress, however. Scarlett Johansson is amazingly confident about the odds of getting her own particular independent movie.

“I’ve conversed with Kevin Feige about it,” she told TotalFilm. “We’re imaginatively truly good.

“I think we both concur that the character is ideal for an independent. It’s only an instance of timing now, for both Marvel and myself.

“Marvel has a truly colossal program. They’re looking four years ahead. I additionally have a considerable measure of things that I need to do. I have a considerable measure of things that I’m creating.”

Scarlett Johansson included that she would completely submit herself to the movie on the off chance that it happens.

“If I did it, I would commit myself totally to making it astounding,” she said. “It would need to be the best form that film could be. Else, I could never do it. What’s more, I don’t know whether I have the limit with regards to it, or if Marvel has the limit with respect to it.

“I think if the fans were resolute about it, it should be possible. It ought to be done, most likely.

“It’d must be done the correct way, however. It’d truly must be its own independent and its own particular style and its own particular story. Be that as it may, there’s a considerable measure of extraordinary stuff that you could do with it. It could be quite recently fierce and amazing.”

Meanwhile, the following Marvel Cinematic Universe film is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which is turning out this spring.

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