‘Supergirl’ Recap: ‘Star-Crossed’

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Doesn’t Kara Danvers, Earth’s hero, deserve an amazing prince? Yeah, that answer turns out to be Mon-oh-El-no.

Kara’s using her unemployment from CatCo to work through her Netflix queue and snuggle with Mon-El, who ask one of those movies where everyone breaks into song for no reason. Tolerance, my friend! Kara suggests Funny Face, although I would’ve bet the entire contents of my wallet that she’s more of a Pitch Perfect gal.

She and Mon-El are all dopey smile and stomach butterflies and blanket cuddles until a release crackles across the TV, demanding that Mon-El’s “captors” abandon him by dawn or be met with force.

Everyone but the CW’s viewing audience is worry about why the hidden star cruiser would go to all this trouble for a low-level Daxam guard. Especially when the cruiser opens fire on Supergirl as she’s flying up to transmit. After she nearly escapes a bubble-trap that plummets her to Earth, Mon-El’s had enough, announcing that he’ll relinquish himself. He promises Kara that he will be okay. But as the ship’s transportation beam encircles him, she throws herself into his arms to be transported, too.

Mon-El’s displeased; he wanted to make this tour solo, and it’s quickly apparent why. Everyone on board the ship kneels beside for the two people he introduces to Kara as his parents, Queen Rhea and King Lar Gand.

“Which makes you…” Kara trails off, confirming what most of us have assumed since his earliest appearances, Mon-El is the prince of Daxam.

Kara is not pleased.

Now that their planet’s safe to occupy again, the queen and the king set out to locate Mon-El to -make Daxam great again. They’re concerned about the harmful influence of Kryptonian Kara, especially in light of Mon-El’s heroics on Slaver’s Moon. They’re condescendingly delighted that he freed the prisoners there. And also have a less-than-friendly exchange with Kara about the principles of selling people.

They’re sitting down to dinner. Kara moves food into her mouth with a fancy Daxamite two-pronged fork and asks for details about Mon-El’s escape from Daxam.

Now, Mon-El slowly recounts being hustled out of his bed by his defender, leaving a terrified woman behind but stopping to turn into a red turtleneck. The guard uses lethal force to commandeer the Kryptonian emissary’s ship. And Mon-El escapes, leaving his people behind to perish in the fires.

By this point, Kara’s heard just and icily excuses herself. Back on Earth, Mon-El tries to joke, “So you survived the first dinner with the fam.” But Kara is steamed. Mon-El tries to defend himself, saying that he knew how she felt about Daxamites — and the crown prince in special. Would she even have talked to him if she’d known? He says it does not change how he feels about her, but for Kara, this announcement changes everything. “I thought you were just born on a brutal planet, but you led it.”

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