‘Supergirl’ Season 2: The Curious Case of James Olsen’s Absence

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There have been some obvious changes since Supergirl moved to The CW. And also, one that has been especially jarring is James Olsen’s significantly reduce screen time.

In Supergirl season 1, James served a couple of functions for Kara. A connection to Clark, who would not immediately appear while the show found its footing and a friend-turned-love interest. James was, from the jump, supportive of Kara embracing her skills and becoming Supergirl.

 While at first, it seemed like he would be a teacher, Kara was just as supportive of him. Their friendship was balanced. He and Winn, despite originally butting heads, joined forces to be Kara’s ground support, creating the pleasant Superfriends dynamic as the trio worked their day jobs at CatCo while quietly meeting in an abandoned office to deal with alien warnings.

Kara and James had an obvious and lovely chemistry that made them fast buddies and fast crushes.

Though their possible relationship took a while to get off the ground as James got back together with his ex-girlfriend, it was obvious the two were meant to be in the show’s eyes. And in the season 1 finale, it looked like the hero eventually got the boy.

Though this powerful developed over the season, romance was never an A-plot. And that was welcome since a show with a female lead does not need to focus on romance. When there are so many other fascinating stories to tell. Especially Kara’s relationship with her sister, Alex, and her family’s complicated legacy.

But all changed when the Fire Nation strike. In the first episode of the season, Kara broke up with James before the two could even give dating a chance. “We sort of felt like we were pursuing that relationship more because we felt like we had to than any of us was truly feeling it,” EP Andrew Kreisberg said after the premiere.

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