‘Taboo’: When is the Last Episode and What Could Happen?

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Taboo – the drama starring Tom Hardy – is coming to a close, with the final episode of the series airing on BBC1 on Saturday, February 25, at 9.10pm.

So, If you have missed an episode so far they are all on BBC iPlayer.

Will everyone’s favorite dark and grungy epic come to a pleasant conclusion at the weekend?

And just what do we want to happen to hero James Delaney and his band of trustworthy vagabonds?

This seventh episode served up a few clues as to what we can expect and tied up some loose ends. So far we know:

  •  It was trusted family slave Brace who killed mad, old Horace Delaney – as a kindness
  • Big Thanks to Lorna’s detective work we know it was not James who killed Winter but someone from the EIC
  • Sister and recently widowed Zilpha has been dumped by James after their rough night together
  • James doesn’t have a ship any longer after the EIC blew his up
  • Mr Chichester is still trying the EIC and James for the tragic loss of illegal slaves at sea
  • We think that young Robert is James’s son and has proved himself good by helping scientist Cholmondeley get away with the remaining gunpowder
  • Helga is thinking that James killed her daughter Winter – has reported the treasonous plot to give the US the gunpowder
  • EIC spy and cross-dresser Godfrey has been offered safe exit on James’ ship to his freedom in return for his help
  • Also, James has allowed himself to be arrested and beaten in order to demand a private meeting with Sir Strange


  • All seems to have forgotten about the basic land – Nootka Sound – that kicked off this difficult mess


1. Sir Strange to get his comeuppance

An illegal slave-trader and a completely horrid man, he used young men like James to traffic slaves and ordered them to be sent to certain death on the threat of danger.

2. The EIC have to be held accountable for the murder of poor Winter

Somebody needs to take a bullet for offing James’s little buddy and making our anti-hero feel wrong by putting him in the frame for it.

3. There has to be a ship? 

Does not there? James and his team need a vessel in order to set up their trade plans and get out of London where life has clearly gotten a little too hot for them.

But where will he get such a thing in time?

4. Lorna & Cholmondeley need to get it on

However, the randy scientist simply has eyes for Delaney’s step-mother, Lorna, surely James can save this family member from his own healthy glances and help this fledgling love affair along?

5. James acknowledges his son

The smart thinking Robert has proved his quality as a Delaney and if he is a real member of the family then James needs to take care of him a little better and you know perhaps be nice to him?

6. The Zilpha question to be finally answered

They can’t be apart and also they can’t be together.

One of them has to take this situation to an end for good and am not sure that James’s gift of a diamond for her ‘widowhood’ is enough of a brush off.

7. And everyone escapes living happily ever after the US

However, here is hoping the various team – including Atticus, French Bill, Brace, Helga, Lorna, Robert, Godfrey, and Cholmondeley – Everyone set sail on the good boat James Delaney and on to freedom? Although knowing this show there will be some accidents along the way….


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