This is Taissa Farmiga’s Character in American Horror Story: Roanoke

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Taissa Farmiga, ingenue original character in American Horror Story is back this year! She hasn’t been here since season 3 and she will make her comeback now in Roanoke’s chapter 9.

What is really happening here?

Well first, do you remember this tweet? The tweet which gave us clues that she may return?


Straight and long hair was always her sign of recognition. taissa_american-horror-storySo in this week’s trailer for Chapter 9, few fans did spot her. She is wearing blue jacket and her hair is same as always.


On the other hand, originally people thought that she will play the “real” Scáthach or Priscilla. But as far as the show goes there are no signs of real ghosts. Why? Maybe because they are not so much important for the story-line this year?

From what we can sort out from the trailer, it would seem that American Horror Story is going above and beyond. In its praise to the craft of discovered footage and including a trio of explorers a la Heather, Josh, and Mike from the first Blair Witch Project. We see one individual from the trio shouting about the blood moon. In this way, probably, their story will slam into whatever remains of the Roanoke survivors. Farmiga’s appearance may end up being as brief as Wittrock’s. Yet we can simply seek she returns after the huge Coven/Murder House hybrid season soon.

With just two scenes left in the 6th period of American Horror Story, we’re stunned that regardless we haven’t met a few of the season’s significant players. Her arrival this year has maybe been a standout amongst the most foreseen of the season.

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