‘The Walking Dead”: The Whisperers are Finally Coming

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Although, Negan still have not made the pace that we all expect, we already think we know who will replace him in this influential serial.

Here is picture that AMC shared on Instagram, which made us to start thinking about what we say in the title: The arrival of the Whisperers. Dangerous murder band whose members are camouflage themselves by wearing the skins of the walkers. They are extremely hungry and they are having uncontrollable desire to kill or maim other people. The picture has sign of one of those rampages from the comics when they have attacked the people of the safe zone – Alexandria and put their heads on strikes with which they set up the border of their territory.

You’ve been warned – #TWD premieres October 23.

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The Whisperers, which name is coming from the fact that they are communicating only with whispering just to stay hidden, were mentioned back in episode ‘Clear’ of the Season 3. Morgan, in the one of his craziest rants, said something about seeing “people wearing dead people’s faces,” which many of us are thinking that this was about the Whisperers.

So, if this picture is introduction about arriving of the Whisperers, it’s absolutely bizarre time, because we are all now diving with the threat of the Saviors. However, it might make sense to slowly start combine the Whisperers’ story into the serial over this season, giving us too much expectation for that when they eventually arrive.

Feel free to give us your theories about the arrival of the Whisperers.

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