‘TWD’: What is Going to Happen to Maggie?

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One of our favorite characters, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has been gone, since heading off to Hilltop to get medical attention for her big complications with her pregnancy. That is just after her husband Glenn was killed by Negan in the season premiere of The Walking Dead. However, she is back on “Go Getters,” Sunday’s new episode.

In the previously episode last week , Father Gabriel  also told the Saviors that Magge didn’t make it and she is dead, but she is very much alive. She is in Hilltop with Sasha and being treated by Dr.Carson. He is the obstetrician that we met last season in this Tv Show.

Her recovery is not the only reason why she is in Hilltop. Because we all know that she has very big unfinished business with Gregory , the colony’s slimy leader. Maggie make a deal with Gregory. The deal in which she promised that the people of Alexandrian would take out the grop Saviors . Just in exchange for half of Hilltop’s supplies. Obviously, we all know that the deal did not work out. However, now Maggie most probably feels like Gregory did not adequately warn her about how strong, ruthless and crazy the Saviors and Negan really are. So you do not have to be surprised if this new episode sets up Maggie to make very big moves to become a leader at Hilltop. Leader who will help mobilize its residents against her biggest enemy – Negan.

And if you want to know something about the baby, it is probably fine. Maybe The Walking Dead is very cruel tv show, but it would not murder hope by having Maggie miscarry right now.

Next episode of The Walking Dead airs on Sunday on AMC.

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