‘Once Upon a Time’: Has Emma Swan Really Escaped Her Fate?

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Gideon has definitely revealed his plan to kill the Black Fairy on our favorite tv show – Once Upon a Time.

It turns out that the Dark One’s son did not lure Hook away from Storybrooke to make it simpler to kill Emma Swan. He did it so that he would have the support to get Emma to do his request. Either Gideon realized he did not have the ability to kill the Savior. Or he listened to his dad and was not prepared to risk darkening his heart any further by getting Swan’s blood on his hands.

Alternatively, he sent Hook away. And now the pirate will be held in an alternate realm until Emma accepts to help in his impressive task — taking out the mother of all darkness. The significant question remains whether Emma will really submit to Gideon’s blackmail or whether she will disagree out of principle.

Now, we agree that Gideon’s methods of convincing Emma to help him aren’t brave. But isn’t killing the Black Fairy a quest worth undertaking? This woman not only left Rumple when he was a child, but she stole Gideon’s childhood. Robbed him of the opportunity to grow up with two parents who love him greatly.

Rumple can show that the Black Fairy is dangerous of the villains Storybrooke has faced so far. So why would Emma want to put an end to the Black Fairy’s reign of terror?

If she allowed helping Gideon, which falls absolutely in line with a hero’s preferences, she could have her Hook back. She would then have Regina, Rumple, Bell and Gideon to help her in taking down this evil woman and everyone could have what they want. So, what is the point in being stubborn?

Sunday night’s episode also reminded fans of why Aladdin, different savior, failed to save Agrabah. He was broken by the number of battles that he had to face and they shorted out his abilities, turning him into a shaken mess instead of a hero. It’s the “Fate of the Saviors” — and perhaps, Emma has not left her own version of that.

She stopped Gideon from killing her, but it hasn’t been said that Emma has saved herself from becoming the same burned out skeptic that the Saviors before her have all come to be. Also, Aladdin escaped from his hovel because he cut his ties to his fate.

It’s only a matter of time before the Black Fairy arrives in their Storybrooke. When the time comes, Emma will have to choose which side she is truly on. Whether she is ready to accept her destiny. And if she can forgive Gideon just to be the hero she was born to be.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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