‘Once Upon a Time’ Photos: Will They Find Prince Eric?

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In episode 15 of Once Upon a Time season 6, titled “A Wondrous Place,” Hook will be trying to get back to Storybrooke after being caught in another realm. Also, Jasmine and Ariel are back — and teaming up for a tour.

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The official episode summary from ABC says, “When Hook finds himself caught in another realm along with the Nautilus and her team, he races to return to Emma before Gideon can do the rest of his plan. In Storybrooke, Regina and Snow take Emma out to get her mind off Hook’s disappearance. And in a flashback to Agrabah, Jasmine befriends Ariel, and they both together set out to locate Prince Eric as the warning from Jafar intensifies.”

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Check out the pictures from this episode of Once Upon a Time, which airs Sunday, April 2:

Will Hook Get Back to Storybrooke?
Hook and Aladdin
Hook and Jasmine
Ariel Returns
Jasmine and Ariel Team Up
Will They Find Prince Eric?
Aladdin, Jasmine, and Hook
Will he have successful comeback to Storybrooke? Are you looking ahead to seeing Jasmine and Ariel teaming up? Let us your opinion in the comments section below.
Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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