‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 7 Premiere Title Revealed

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The title of Once Upon a Time’s season 7 premiere has been announced to be “Hyperion Heights.” What does this title mean for the start of this season?

It will be a few months until fans actually get a good look at what the new Once Upon a Time will really look like, with a premiere date not even set. But thanks to show creator Adam Horowitz, the title of the premiere has been revealed.

“Hyperion Heights” will be the name of the hour that kicks off this new way for Once that finds an adult Henry and his little daughter taking over for Emma and young Henry.

TVLine has a few fascinating theories about what this title means. The first theory is that Hyperion Heights could be the name of the new home-base for the tv show. As revealed during the closing times of the season 6 finale, Henry has moved over the country to Seattle. It has been confirmed that Once Upon a Time will not be returning to Storybrooke in season 7, but the main roles still need somewhere in our world to call home.

Enter Hyperion Heights, the place of Seattle that Henry now calls home. After he saves his family with daughter Lucy, Henry’s home could be where Hook, Regina, and Mr. Gold want to live as well. It could be a simple way to explain the loss of other key Storybrooke residents.

Another possibility is that Hyperion could be a reference to Disney’s children’s book publishing print. If Once Upon a Time is looking to add some more characters, this could be a fun nod to one of the most well-known series under the Hyperion umbrella, Percy Jackson.

Of course, the series has now dabbled in Greek mythology with Hercules and Hades. But since they are now rebooting other looks of the tv show, why not introduce more Greek mythology at this time as well? And seeing as Henry is now on the west coast, maybe there is an appointment with Camp Jupiter and the Roman aspects of the gods.

It could make for a happy new place for the tv show that is not just a retread of season 1. The fact that Hyperion is also the name of a Titan could be another sign that season 7 could be introducing more of the Greek mythology.


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