Once Upon A Time’s Showrunners Plan Turning David Into Villain?

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Sad news for all Once Upon a Time fans. Or, for some exciting. Charming will no longer be so charming, when series get back on screen in March.

Midseason finale of Once Upon a Time is still active theme for talking. In it, David, our beloved Prince Charming partnered with Hook in order to keep Storybrook safe. While on the other hand, Regina and Emma are in another reality.

His decision, however goes way back in time with the mystery that surrounded his father. Due to this he will explore the darker side of his character. We should also not forget how frustrated is he with the situation that Snow and himself are in. The weird sleeping curse.

Showrunner, Edward Kitsis spills really interesting spoilers for Entertainment Weekly. He says that David will reach his breaking point very soon. Now, he has not Snow beside him and he is not thinking rationally. Chrming’s darker impulses will start to show up.
He says:
“What we’re seeing through David is somebody who is at his wits end … Without Snow … We’re going to see him have to confront his own demons.”

Similar comments were given in an interview for TVLine. He says that this new kind of sleeping curse impacts the couple in negative connotation. By adding that without Snow, David’s calming center is gone. Very troubling situations are coming for him.

In the first half of this season, the characters were faced with quite complicated missions. They solved them but I think that the worst is still yet to come. Will David become super villain in order to protect his family and town? Will his decisions change his behavior? No one still knows how his problems will affect his personality.

Our questions will be answered. The fantasy series is expected to air somewhere in March 2017.

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