The Vampire Diaries: Who’s Going to Die?

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We as a whole speculated this was coming, yet today it was affirmed: Somebody will kick the bucket on The Vampire Diaries series finale.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Walk 10 finale will highlight a memorial service scene in which an as of late returned Elena (Nina Dobrev) must state farewell to somebody she cherishes. The funeral was the last gathering scene the Vampire Diaries cast shot, yet other than Dobrev, there are no indications with reference to who else may have been in participation – or all the more imperatively, who wasn’t there.

Yet, saying this doesn’t imply that that we don’t have our suppositions. We positioned the seven doubtlessly characters to fail miserably, from minimum plausible to ‘Gracious god, would they truly do this to us?”

7. Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen):

We truly question the authors would be so merciless as to convey Jeremy back just to slaughter him off very quickly. At any rate, we question they would do that again after what happened to Tyler (Michael Trevino) earlier this season.

6. Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig):

Matty Blue Eyes has made it this far, so it would be a disgrace in the event that he didn’t make it out alive. This season is likewise the first run through in quite a while that it’s felt just as the show has recognized what to do with Matt. If it’s not too much trouble simply let him go out on a high note!

5. Caroline Forbes (Candice King):

Out of everybody on this rundown, Caroline would definitely deliver the most shock factor. Not at all like whatever remains of the Mystic Falls Gang, Caroline has never felt like a lamentably bound character. She’s been through some harsh circumstances, without a doubt, however Caroline has constantly spoken to unlimited confidence and been a light inside the show’s haziness. It would truly break our hearts if that light was snuffed out.

4. Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis):

We’ve as of now needed to survive Alaric’s passing once some time recently, so we trust the show doesn’t give us an awful instance of history repeating itself. That being stated, Alaric’s demise would have high enthusiastic effect without influencing any of the show’s darling sentimental couples. It could bode well.

3. Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder):

To execute Damon off right when Elena returned would be past agonizing. Obviously, Damon would need to pass on as a component of a respectable purpose – yielding himself to spare his sibling, Elena, Mystic Falls, and so on. Although shocking, a fantastic motion like that would at long last give Damon the recovery he’s constantly looked for, demonstrating to the world (and himself) that he truly isn’t that egotistical creature any longer. Buffy as of now pulled this move, so we wouldn’t be shocked if TVD emulated its example.

2. Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham):

We’ve as of now observed Bonnie martyr herself incalculable circumstances some time recently. What’s more, with Enzo out of the picture, she doesn’t have anything else to lose. In any case, in the wake of watching Bonnie lament for Enzo, we don’t know whether we can stand watching her kick the bucket too.

1. Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley):

We prefer not to state it, yet all signs indicate Stefan. Since The Vampire Diaries started, the Salvatores have been caught in an interminable cycle of harming each other and attempting to earn forgiveness. What’s more, the way that Stefan is the person who transformed Damon into a vampire remains the greatest double-crossing of all. What better approach to make it up to Damon then by permitting Damon to take the Cure from his blood, giving him a mortal lifetime with Elena.

There’s additionally the shot that the Cure may kill Stefan first. Bonnie just injected Stefan with a single syringe when this show truly invested years pounding it in that you require the drink all the blood of the Cure bearer to carry on with a typical, mortal life. We as a whole recall what happened to Katherine when her age made up for lost time to her after Silas accepted the Cure from her. Also, with just a couple of teaspoons of the Cure in Stefan’s veins, who comprehends what the possible symptoms could be.

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8/7c on the CW.


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