‘The Walking Dead’: 7 Main Points for Rick Grimes

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1. “I hear Nebraska’s nice.” 

In Season 2, Rick had put down a few walkers. But the first time when he killed a man were in an abandoned place (bar). The place where he found Hershel nursing a stiff drink following a walker massacre at the ex – vet.

They were joined by Tony and Dave, two travelers who had a plan to run away to Nebraska. But, they asked Rick “What do you suggest we do,” and Rick said “I don’t know … I hear Nebraska’s nice.”  Rick is fastest to the trigger, killing them both. It won’t be the last time when Rick is forced to kill.

2The Death of Shane 

Shane was Rick’s best friend a long time and his partner in work. But when Rick was put into a coma after being shot, Shane started a relationship with Rick’s wife, thinking his partner is dead.

After being reunited, he became a cold-hearted killer as the apocalypse took its toll. After some time, Shane lured Rick into a field just to kill him. With a knife, Rick stabbed Shane in the chest and yell: “Damn you for making me do this!”

3. The Death of Lori 

Rick in his most unstable periods, lost his wife Lori. She died after an emergency Caesarean section during the birth of baby Judith. Rick had hallucinations, even he was hearing Lori’s voice on a phone while holed up at a prison in Season 3. After he changed his destructive attitude of being cold, his visions stopped.

4. Rick kills Joe 

After the horrifying scenes in the jail, Rick wasn’t going to let his people get hurt or killed again. So, when a new big enemy replaced the Governor as Rick’s main archrival, he was never going to last long. Joe was the leader of the Claimers, he attacks by surprise Rick, Carl, and Michonne. Rick also attack when he open Joe’s throat with his teeth.

5. Escape from Terminus 

His role as a killing machine was increased after his group reached Terminus. They expected a sanctuary and that was actually occupied by killers. This time after looking into a trough on his knees, Rick left a trail of murders dead from there to the woods. But he still had the promise to keep with the leader.

6. The slaughter in the church 

Rick’s lust for revenge continued when he caught up with Gareth, the leader of the cannibals who had brought his group to its knees. As Rick looked into a trough, he promised to Gareth that he will kill him with a red-handled machete. Rick kept that promise after attack him in a church. This is a man who has come a long way from being a gentle sheriff.

7. Negan 

Rick, now thinks that he is answerable and indestructible to no one, has his mind altered in the most terrible situations. Again, Rick and the group are on their knees and facing yet the biggest enemy ever – this time that are Saviors their leader Negan. As he has done many times before, Rick always tells their leader that he will kill him. But Negan is not like the other enemies. He takes his baseball bat and kills two of Rick’s closest friends. After coming close to being forced to cut the arm of his son, Rick is beaten. He promises to Negan to do his bidding. And what this means for his future, we will find out.

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