Walking Dead Actor: It’s Violent For a Reason! You Have to Read This!

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The first half of The Walking Dead’s season 7 has not been as well accepted by fans as the cast would have liked. But the star Rick Grimes says it will all make sense by the finale.

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Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, told Entertainment Weekly that sometimes, this popular season was painful for him to film. After talking to showrunner Scott M. Gimple and shooting the final episode, the actor feels more satisfied with the direction they took the tv show in.

“Rather than just have a really great exciting buildup to war between Rick and Negan. He wanted people to want more than that — to actually feel that they wanted justice. And then to also accept the cost of what had passed and why they were ready to risk it all again. While understanding that they were putting so many lives back in the firing line,” Lincoln said.

Also, Andrew added that he now understands why the season had to be so “painful and brutal.” According to Lincoln, in order for the final minute of the season to make sense, they had to be as brutal with Negan’s introduction as they could. Following the season premiere, many Walking Dead fans said it had become too mindlessly rough and were not interested in returning back. Also, Andrew said fans had to understand with Rick and his friends, fighting for their justice alongside the characters.

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The other half of the season will focus on Rick, his friends and adjacent teams’ war with Negan. However, nobody is sure how the season will end. Jeffrey Dean Morgan confirmed he will be returning for a second season, so do not expect Negan to go anywhere soon in this show!

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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