The Walking Dead Director Explains Why Rick is Smiling in Midseason Premiere!

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Executive producer Greg Nicotero, also directed the episode gives the answers about Rick’s smiling in midseason premiere, Rock in the Road.

Rick grinning under any conditions is an earth shattering event. However this one appeared to be additional inquisitive. What was behind the shaft all over?

Obviously he is. It’s the ideal closure for the scene. You know, we see him toward the starting, he’s entirely committed to assembling an armed force. He needs individuals to battle, so he goes to the Hilltop.

He has a misfortune with Gregory, however then he has a win with Maggie. At that point he goes to see King Ezekiel, and the ruler was not really ready to battle, but rather Rick knows they’re there. At that point they discover every one of the explosives on the expressway. So the entire scene is truly in light of that arrangement of wins and misfortunes for Rick, yet Rick’s not surrendering. – says Greg Nicotero.

They return to Alexandria and they understand that Gabriel’s gone and unusual things are astir at the Circle K. They next, are encompassed by that new and strange gathering that we’ve just gotten a snappy flash of, Rick sees troopers.

That is the reason he smiles. I don’t believe he’s stressed for a moment. He think he looks, and he resembles, approve. “I require a win here, and there are many people here, and they have weapons, and this is the thing that I require. So the apparatuses are clicking. The riggings begin turning, and after that, blast, we’re out” – continues Greg.

All of this connects to the beginning of the episode when Father Gabriel takes all these supplies out of Alexandria.
“There will be more information as you view it, that is all that I can say for now”.

Prepare yourselves!

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