As ‘The Walking Dead’ Introduces New Junkyard Community, We Ponder the Question: Who the Heck is Jadis?

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“New Best Friends” introduced “The Walking Dead” followers to the impassive leader of the junkyard community, Jadis.

The next episodes hope to introduce fans to a whole lot more after the stone-faced leader with killer bangs.

‘The Walking Dead”: The Whisperers Are Finally Coming

Jadis, mean to be a new ally of Rick Grimes although she is a bit too enigmatic at the moment, to be sure.

Rick’s recruiting mission now seems to have been proven fruitful, although he was run over by a blade — one which was impaling a weaponized zombie — in the process.

Aside from the utter brutality of her loyalty test, Jadis seems like a reasonable ally. Although she has some strange members who echo whatever she says. They also sport similarly strange robes and move aggressive ally.

Needless to say, we will be seeing more of Jadis.

That is because,  the deal has been struck between Rick and the leader which will find the survivors scavenging for some guns — to gift the hipsters.

They are now armed but obviously require some more supplies to set the deal. If all goes well, they will stand alongside Rick and the Alexandrians in a fight against their biggest enemy – Negan.

Rick’s getting the numbers, but he’s still outnumbered and outgunned in his possible fight with the Savior sociopath. What is more, has he won the full trust of figures like Ezekiel, Gregory and even his new ‘friend’ Jadis? A hard “no” there. Gregory’s reject his plea, while Ezekiel has opted to retain his weak peace with the Saviors. And as for Jadis, we know nothing about her aside from her skills in observation (she spied on the Alexandrians) and her willingness to throw Rick into a garbage-filled pit of doom.

Anyway, if all goes according to plan, and Rick can cough up some weapons for the hipsters, then it’s likely that a war will commence between Survivor and Savior within Season 7B.

But nothing in the apocalypse is transparent. Could the hipsters already be working for Negan? Might they turn their guns on Rick (she is now claiming to have “owned” Rick’s life)?

If the piece is correct in its reference, it’s possible that Jadis resembles the comic book character Alpha. And we all know that she is the leader of the Whisperers.

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