‘The Walking Dead’ New Footage Shows Negan Killing Daryl and Maggie

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CLEVELAND, Ohio – The shocking death scene that kick started Season 7 of “The Walking Dead” stands as one of the most brutal and polarizing moments in the history of TV shows.

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It was so important for the tv show and the producer, to keep Negan’s victims as a mystery, producers reportedly filmed some versions where the Saviors’ leader (Negan) kills everyone in the tv show except for Rick Grimes. Maybe the reason about not killing Rick is because Negan wants Rick to suffer.

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As fans surely remember, Glenn and Abraham met their demise courtesy of the baseball bat Lucille. But a new video has surfaced online showing all the other deaths, which include Lucille (and a bag full of blood) striking each character in the head.

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If you ever wanted to see what it would have been like for fan favorites like Maggie, Michonne or Daryl die, here you can watch the video.

Walking Dead fans are eagerly expecting an “All out war” in the fall when new episodes will be on tv again.  Will it be Negan and The Saviors command?  Only time will tell but I’m quite certain that we’re going to be getting lots of spoilers, photos, and social media posts to give us evidence.  But if you can’t wait that long and need your Walking Dead fix, you’ll get to see the premiere of season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead in early June.

The spinoff is ready to go and AMC just released a new trailer for the season.  If I had to sum it up in one word it would be violence.   While Fear has gotten its fair amount of criticism for its lack of thrills in comparison to the original, it looks like Season 3 might be a game changer. Because a new teaser was just released, and it shows the cast getting real violent.

Check it out below:

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