‘The Walking Dead’: New Promo Pictures for Season 7B!

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 ‘The Walking Dead’ is returning in 2 weeks, so the TV show released new promo pictures for season 7b on social media.

Fans of the zombie survival show want to see their most loved characters in action at the end of the day. Gratefully, there are only 2 weeks until The Walking Dead returns again with the midseason debut of season 7.

The show has been releasing a lot of pictures that could possibly affect the story. Those pictures were shared on the show’s online networking channels.

Twitter is an incredible place to follow The Walking Dead. That is one of the best places to search for official tweets, news, reports, and pictures.

Here are some of the pictures on Twitter:

This one is the most talked because there are characters that have not yet been introduced on the show. Rick Grimes attempts to understand the circumstances. However, the people there don’t appear too dangerous.

Ezekiel doesn’t look satisfied in this picture. Maybe something occurred between The Kingdom and The Saviors that left a terrible taste in his mouth. Either that or possibly he is miserable with Jesus for conveying outsiders to their safe place. Whatever it is, the king doesn’t appear to appreciate what is happening.

Rick didn’t deal with Simon. So, an interaction between these two characters could be incredible. They both have an astonishing presence on the screen, and when they get together to discuss the issues between The Saviors and Alexandria, it could be amazing!

The latest update on Twitter is a broken truck with an open door and a corpse simply outside. The truck is dusty and looks worn down, yet the unavoidable issue is who that person was and what actually happened.

Those are fun. On The Walking Dead on Facebook, there is more to look at.

Seeing Michonne is constantly great. Her will to battle is solid and she seems concentrated on whatever undertaking is before her. She is standing in front of a truck, but it isn’t the red one from the tweet above. Thank God!

There will probably be numerous more promo pictures like this. Ideally, these pictures will help keep fans of The Walking Dead hungry for when the zombie drama comes back to AMC.

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