‘The Walking Dead’: Rick Is Completely Defeated In The New Cover

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Times are harder than ever for our favorite Rick Grimes right now. The leader of Alexandria had to attack Negan and the Saviors in an attempt to start rebuilding civilization. Rebuilding civilization fell apart when the Whisperers determine to interfere with the calm lifestyle the community was building and another war happen. His girlfriend appears to have been attacked by a zombie in a place where no amputation can help her. And, now, Rick has unexpectedly killed the new leader of the remaining Saviors while his area is totally overrun by walkers. 

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On the cover of issue #169, there is nothing is getting comfortable for Rick Grimes. In fact, it seems like Rick may have hit an all time low.

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On the recently released cover of the issue set to hit shelves in July sees Rick Grimes on his knees before Dwight, armed with a gun, waiting to blow Rick away. This is likely the result, showcasing Dwight’s reaction to Rick’s slaying of Sherry. After all, it will be pretty painful for Rick to assure anybody that her death was an accident.

Covers of Robert Kirkman’s books lead to be misleading, historically. A new cover which saw Negan appearing too cozy up with Alpha, the head of Rick’s rival faction the Whisperers, which would be the same issue where he cut off her head to give it to Rick.

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If issue #169 is not to be taken completely, the message might be Rick’s feeling of permanent defeat eventually catching up to him and Dwight’s violence over Sherry’s death causing him to think of Rick as an enemy going forward. It has been obvious that Dwight struggles with where he should stand in the history.

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All of that said, writer Robert Kirkman has promised on many occasions to kill Rick “eventually.”

Has the time come?

Check out the cover of The Walking Dead issue #169, drawn by Charlie Adlard.

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The Walking Dead will return for its season 8 in October of 2017. The first trailer will appear at San Diego Comic-Con in July. 

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