The Walking Dead is Setting out Toward War – and You’ll be Astonished Which Characters Wind up on “The Dark Side”

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Morgan performing artist Lennie James says the fight against Negan could keep going for “two or three years”.

In case you’re supposing this period of The Walking Dead has been somewhat ease back to go ahead, simply hold up: the following eight scenes (and past) will be full scale war.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) will work to join the scattered survivors against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) when the arrangement returns… what’s more, the subsequent fight sounds like a genuine epic.

“Anyone who knows the comic books knows we’re going to go into two or three years of war,” Lennie James – who plays Morgan. “I don’t know to what extent that is going to work out in the arrangement, however it goes on a while in the comics!”

It won’t be as basic as Negan versus every other person, however – James cautioned that characters we’ve developed to love could “go to the dark side”, while purported “villains” may likewise wind up exchanging sides.

“Certain occasions will choose what sides individuals take – and it won’t be an unmistakable division,” he indicated. “There are a few people who will go to the dark side that’ll shock you, and there are a few people who will approach the light.

“As ever with this show, nothing will move in a straight line!”

One thing’s for sure – with powers joining against Negan, we’ll see a greater amount of our most loved characters sharing screen-time.

That is uplifting news for fans and for James – who’s conceded he “detested” being confined and separated from his cast-mates prior this season.

“I swear to God, it was loathsome… what’s more, it was the same for everyone,” he said. “This season, everyone’s had additional time off than they have ever, ever had… in any case, it was shocking. I abhorred it.

“You simply didn’t see anyone – in light of the fact that we film The Kingdom in a totally unique zone where they were taping either Alexandria or Hilltop or where the Saviours were… nobody was near each other.”

The Walking Dead profits to FOX for Monday, February 13 at 9pm.

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