The Walking Dead Did Something We Didn’t Think Was Possible

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I’m not really trying to be shitty here! At least not to the character herself. It was The Walking Dead’s ability to make us care about our Rosita. Something it’s firmly failed to do since introducing her back in season four. Her compatriots Abraham and Eugene got enough screen time so we could get to know them. But Rosita had about as common lines as the late, lamented T-Dogg, and less of a personality. In this four seasons, her only defining characteristic was her relationship with Abraham. They both, before and after he dumped her. I suspect Rosita also had a death wish, but since 50 percent minimum of the cast have a death wish at any given time, that only made her stand out.

 Her second dumb, doomed attempt to kill Negan looked poised to eventually put the character out of her suffering. But we were happily surprised to see her open up and talk about herself to Sasha. The view of her realizing she was helpless once the zombie apocalypse hit. And then hooking up with guys and learning their ability like some kind of relationship Mega Man in order to learn how to take care of herself is very compelling. And I also liked that she realized she wasn’t jealous of Abraham dumping her to be with Sasha as much as was jealous that Abraham found some sort of comfort and peace in Alexandria. While she felt just as lost and unsettled as before. Their discussion doesn’t exactly pass the Bechdel test. But at least she has reframed things so we see how her character was informed by Abraham, as opposed to existing only as his supporting player.
There was a new great moment in this episode, a face-off that had been a long time coming. For the first time since the season premiere, Maggie and Daryl shared the same scene—which means it was the first time since Daryl’s silly act of defiance got Glenn killed. Daryl is so wracked with fault he can’t even look at Maggie. Even when both of them are forced to hide from the Saviors in the Hilltop mansion’s basement.
There were a few twists and turns along the way, but Maggie and Daryl were certainly not in any threat, nor was Negan. Hilltop’s mayor Gregory is still being weaselly, laying yet more groundwork for when he surely betrays Maggie to the Saviors in the future. About the single thing, I didn’t expect was that the Saviors (led by Simon), takes Hilltop’s doctor Harlan to replace the one Negan threw in the furnace a few weeks ago. That should also complicate Maggie’s pregnancy a bit.

Also meanwhile, Rosita and Sasha’s tour starts out just as slow and annoying as you could have expected. They leave when the Saviors arrive.

Rosita is as rude as ever, and they spend especially long time trying to find a car. Which made me worry that the show was going to drag this dead-end storyline out. It’s when Sasha says there are four-story buildings outside the Saviors’ union. Where they can get a great shot that I saw a glimmer of hope. Because then they wouldn’t have to enter the compound. And thus they’d maybe really live after they took the shot. Rosita is, of course, angry that Sasha would recommend something that won’t get her killed as soon as possible. But finally comes around, leading to the scene I described above.
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