‘The Walking Dead’ Spoils Its Own Cliffhanger With New Photos

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Who knows if a picture is worth a thousand words? That seems extremely special. But AMC sure as heck proved it’s worth an hour-long episode. 

On Sunday’s “The Walking Dead” episode, “The Other Side,” we saw Sasha and Rosita inexplicably give up on trying to kill Negan from afar in favor of breaking into the Saviors’ department. If it seems like a horrible plan, that’s because it was.

While breaking in, Sasha locked Rosita outside the wall and went in alone. The dilemma was, there were a lot of Saviors around. Did Sasha make it? Did she take down Negan? Did she die?

The suspense was killing us … until it wasn’t.

Sasha just chillin’.

Nah. She is great.

In new photos released by AMC, Sasha’s fate is obviously spoiled. She appears to be chilling in a cell that looks similar to the one Daryl was kept in.

Sasha questioning why she didn’t just stay outside the Saviors’ place and use her sniper skills. We’re questioning that, too.

From the photos, we can assume Sasha lives. (Yesss!) And we can clearly also assume Negan’s still around, too. 

It also doesn’t look like she’s in bad shape, so maybe there wasn’t even much of a struggle. 

SMH, Sasha. Just SMH.

The excellent news for Sasha: Her predicament doesn’t look as bad as Daryl’s situation. Sasha gets to keep her clothes on, for example. Do you remember when Daryl was naked?

It doesn’t seem like much, but clothes are a plus. Also, she obviously has some friendly visitors.

Sup, Sasha.

It appears Eugene is going to visit Sasha, consider that she’s in the cell behind that door. 

Perhaps we will eventually get an explanation as to why Eugene resisted Rosita and Sasha’s attempts to save him from the Saviors. 

Eugene wishing he was playing video games.

While the pictures reveal Sasha is OK for now, comic fans may have marked similarities between Sasha’s plight and what happened to a role named Holly. 

In Robert Kirkman’s comics, Holly also became emotionally involved with Abraham and was finally taken captive by the Saviors. It didn’t turn out too well for her.

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