Wedding Bells For Emma Roberts And Evan Peters

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While everyone are guessing about their relationship status are they planning their wedding?

Evan popped the question with a pink-and-gold diamond ring over the holidays in 2013. Just five months after Emma’s domestic violence arrest. The actress then showed off her ring on a few red carpets, including Amercan Horror Story party.
News broke in June 2015 that Evan and Emma ended their engagement of over a year. While neither star commented about the split at the time.

Year later, they worked things out. The reconciliation lasted for a while and included some sweet social media posts from both Evan and Emma. And Evan again popped the big question.

First Emma Roberts drops a massive hint she really has accepted lover Evan Peters’ proposal. After she stepped out yet again with a ring on her engagement finger in Beverly Hills last Thursday.

Reportedly, source close to couple says that they did decide to tie the knot but they are keeping things as secret and do not want to go public for now. Wonder why?

Well as we all remember, back in 2013 Emma, was memorably arrested for alleged domestic abuse in Canada. Back then even, officers were involved and responded to a report of a fight in a hotel room.

The source continues  that that is the reason her ring seems to appear and disappear all the time but they definitely are not cooling off on the idea of a wedding.
They are crazy in love and their romance is pretty extreme – the source explains. They just behave in a way that’s very passionate for them.

Emma and Evan began dating in 2012 after meeting on the set of their movie. The pair shared a lot of cute moments together in the beginning of their romance, including hitting red carpets together and taking strolls around Paris and NYC.


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