What This ‘Westworld’ Character Spoiler Tells Us About Season 2 ?

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Even though we won’t be getting the season two of Westworld until 2018, we do know that we have one new character to add to the top of our “Hosts To Know” roster, although you may now recognize her.
Angela (Talulah Riley), the host that greeted William (Jimmi Simpson) when he first starts the Westworld facilities (she helps him get settled and even pick a few items of clothing for the newbie), has been promoted by the showrunners to appear as a series regular on the season two of this tv show.
So, other than a fine fat paycheck for Talulah, what does this mean for Angela as a role on the series, which wrapped in December and left us all itching for extra? We don’t know for certain but we can start thinking based on what we have learned about her character from her brief, but significant, appearances on the tv show. First off, we do know a little bit about Angela in the second season, as HBO teases that she will be “a host whose happy face welcomed guests to Westworld for decades … Angela will prove to be one of the last faces multiple guests will ever see.
Happy face? The last one guests will ever see? Sounds like that could be different host upgrade to me. Will Angela team up with Maeve (Thandie Newton) to head a rebellion army against all the humans in the park? Will she get consciousness like Dolores? We know that Angela’s is included in many narratives in the park, across many timelines, so she has the potential to do a lot of damage. And apparently, has a lot of death.

We all better hold onto our black cowboy hats — it is going to be a rough, bleeding ride.

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